Viamax - Maximum Gel 50 ml
Viamax - Maximum Gel 50 ml



Viamax - Maximum Gel 50 ml

Vonalkód : 7350020310713
Wide area of use.
Bruttó ár: 12 990 Ft

Wide area of use. Effect: Stimulates the supply of blood to the penis, which gives a harder erection and greater size. Recommended for: Men who want a faster, harder erection. Let the customer look at the colour and feel the consistency of Maximum Gel. The colour is the same as the root of Butea, which is one of the main ingredients. Demonstrate the effect of the product by pumping out a drop and rubbing it on the back of the hand – one soon sees how the veins in the area onto which it has been applied swell considerably. By all means recommend Warm Cream which is the equivalent product for women! Time to take effect: The effect increases with usage. Successful combinations: Use together with Pure Power for an extra powerful effect.

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